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Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals manage stress and pain by incorporating wellness into their lifestyles. By creating awareness of the benefits of wellness, our goal is to reduce and/or eliminate physical, mental, and emotional stress to ensure a healthy and content everyday life.


Nu Life Skin Health is driven towards making each visit a great experience. Our Medical Director, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturist, Nurses and Medical Aestheticians will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to achieve your desired results. Our main focus is to make you look and feel your best.

Owner/Clinic Director
Megan Adliff

Professional Background:
Megan majored in Kinesiology and minored in Psychology at McMaster University; then returned to school to study Business Administration at Queen’s University. Through Megan’s degree she owned and operated a home services business for 4 years where she honed her professional skill set and expanded her tolerance to work under pressure. She has also held multiple clinical and managerial roles with small clinics and medium-sized corporations.
A natural big-picture thinker, Megan enjoys simplifying systems to create a seamless patient experience and overseeing every aspect of the business. She invites a high standard of service and derives satisfaction from seeing the compounding effect of small improvements.
Megan entered the wellness industry on a mission to make wellness care accessible to all who seek it. She is deeply moved by the scientific perspective that mental health is impacted by physical health; and the holistic perspective that happiness, health and beauty are all founded on a condition of wellness. She stays current on health psychology literature and personal development content.


Our team comprises of professionals who are enthusiastic, compassionate & most importantly, love what they do! We endeavour to make your rehabilitation experience as comfortable & pleasant as possible.

Our Staff

Medical Aestheticians

Cherisse Marcellin:

Professional Background: Cherisse believes in a highly personalized service approach to make her clients feel special. She has been in the Spa/Wellness industry for over 16 years and graduated from the Canadian Aesthetics Academy in 2006 with her diploma in Medical Aesthetics. Cherisse has worked as a medical aesthetician in a variety of settings, including salons, spas, wax bars and a private women’s club for 7 years. In addition to working as a medical aesthetician, she worked as a Clinical Supervisor and Trainer at the Canadian Aesthetics Academy where she had graduated years before. Cherisse has experience with services from laser hair removal, advanced skin treatments, facials, body treatments, makeup, nail care, and administration. 

“I’m passionate about keeping up with new techniques and trends anywhere from new product lines, make-up, machinery, skin care maintenance all the way to new retail products. I love being a sponge for new beauty information to add to my repertoire.”

Services: Laser Hair Removal, Body Contour, Facials, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Hydrafacials, Chemical Peels and Product Expertise.

Registered Massage Therapists

Alexei Morzov:

Professional Background: Alexei Morozov graduated from the sports department of a pedagogical academy (In Russia) and sports medicine (in Israel). He has extensive experience working with sports teams, rehabilitation after sports-related injuries and general traumas. Alexei has been working at hospitals and rehabilitation centers abroad and within Canada. Since 2010 he has been practicing as RMT in Ontario, holding a license from CMTO and membership of RMTAO. His philosophy incorporates a holistic approach that centers on treating the cause of dysfunction rather than just the symptoms. His success stems from a genuine caring and knowledgeable attitude he passes down to his patients.

Services/Massage Styles: Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, hydrotherapy and a wide array of tissue-specific techniques depending on the issue at hand.

Yue (Sam) Su:

Professional Background: As with all health care providers, massage therapists depend on their knowledge and experience to deliver the best care possible. Sam has a strong background in system engineering for more than 30 years which he brings to his massage practice.When Sam massages, instead of focusing on a single segment of the body he focuses on the role each part plays in the entire system with the others. As the body ages it begins to develop problems such as pain and limited range of motion. By finding the source of the problems and finding a solution, the body can return to a healthy state of wellness.

Massage Styles:

Yuliang (Julian) Lu:

Professional Background: Julian graduated from wellspring college 2011. With over 10 years of practice, he is dedicated to providing clients with the best care possible to promote healing and relaxation. He is proficient in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and has a great following of many dedicated clients. Julian also has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and in his spare time serves as a flight attendant. Traveling around the world and continuously learning are his goals in life. Julian is looking forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

Massage Styles: Swedish massage and deep tissue massage.

Alicia Juelich:

Professional Background: Alicia is constantly looking to further her education in order to help her clients achieve their personal goals. Alicia is very passionate about her career and will strive to provide the best quality of care to suit each of her client’s needs and goals in either maintaining general well being, or providing relief from whatever condition/aliment the client may come in for. Alicia is registered with the CMTO (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario) and the RMTAO (Registered Massage Therapist’s Association of Ontario) Alicia welcomes new clients and any questions or concerns you may have. Alicia strongly believes in educating her clients in the importance of self care and taking an active role in their health through home care exercises/stretching and hydrotherapy applications which is imperative to her client’s success beyond her treatment plan

Services/Massage Styles: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu (Bare-Foot Massage), Pre/Post Natal, Infant/Child Massage, Aromatherapy, Cranial Sacral Treatment, Reflexology, Reiki, Hot Stone, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Aroma Therapy and home care stretches and exercises

Nan Yao:

Professional Background: Nan pursued a career in massage therapy after seeing the benefits of natural healing through his family’s traditional chinese medicine practice. Nan graduated from the Protege School in 2020 and has over 2 years experience providing clients with individualized massage treatments to best suit his patient’s needs by utilizing a variety of different techniques. Nan focuses on rehabilitative techniques and practices to improve his patient’s mobility and address the root cause of chronic or acute pain symptoms.

Services/Massage Styles: Swedish, Thai, Chinese Tiuna, Cupping, Ashiatsu (Bare Foot Massage), Hot Stone Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. His home care recommendations
include dietary, herbal, thermal therapy and lifestyle guidance.

Simone Bell:

Professional Background: Simone Bell is a Registered Massage Therapist who has over 10 years of clinical experience. She has developed expertise in working with a variety of patients of all ailments. Her vast knowledge and experience allows her to properly assess the client and explain to them the underlying cause and solutions involved. Having spent over 20 years as a professional dancer, choreographer and dance educator, her exploration and understanding of the body, human movement potential and kinesiology through dance has been a natural precursor and enhancement to her massage therapy practice.

Services/Massage Styles: Acupuncture (dry needling), myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, stretching and cupping. Home care recommendations include stretching and lifestyle guidance.

Gurleen Kaur-Padam:

Professional Background: Gurleen Kaur Padam graduated from ICT Kikkawa College, she uses both her intuition and diverse skill set and massage techniques to guide her patients into
relaxation and wellbeing. She is dedicated to helping treat people effectively by designing a treatment plan that is unique to the client based on their health history and physical assessment. These specialized treatments deliver both health care and nourishment of therapeutic touch. 

Her style combines a mixture of Swedish massage, Cupping Therapy, Myofascial trigger points, Indie Scalp Massage, and Fascial work along with stretching and strengthening to dissipate stress, decrease muscle tension and improve quality of life.

Services/Massage Styles: Swedish Massage, Cupping Therapy, Infant and Child Massage, Pre/Post Natal, Indie Scalp/Head Massage, Hot stones massage

Registered Practical Nurse

Ramsha Tahir:

Professional Background: Ramsha is a Registered Practical Nurse and prides herself in being a medically driven creative. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Ryerson University, majoring in Biology and doing a minor in Psychology. After completing her undergrad, she worked as an executive assistant to the CEO of multiple Chronic Pain Management clinics. During this time she was introduced to Botox and PRP as therapies to help patients with migraines and muscle tears. Seeing the application of Botox and PRP applied in pain management made her grow admiration as to how diverse these injectable procedures could be. This motivated her to go to nursing school to become a cosmetic injector. Ramsha believes in a natural approach that enhances your features while keeping safety a priority.

Services/Massage Styles: Neuromodulators (Botox), Dermal Fillers, PRP for hair loss, Microneedling with PRP (Vampire facials)


Dr. Andy So:

Professional Background: Dr. Andy’s passionate and excited about his practice and loves helping families live their best lives in his role as Family Chiropractor. Dr. Andy graduated from
the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science. Then later, after deciding to change directions and pivot careers, he graduated summa cum laude in 2008 from Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he achieved the distinctions of Salutatorian, Presidential scholar, and a coveted membership into Pi Tau Delta International Chiropractic Honor Society. He has a special interest in prenatal and pediatric care and has achieved his certificate in the Webster In Utero Constraint Technique.

Specialties: Low Back Pain, Tension Headaches, Postural Correction, Shoulder Pain, Sciatica, Numbness/Tingling, Pediatric Care, Prenatal and Postnatal Care


Richard Kwan:

Professional Background: Richard Kwan has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods for over 12 years with a graduate degree from Toronto School of Traditional
Chinese Medicine (TSTCM). Along with founding the Simple Cures, Richard is also currently a Senior Advisor lecturing extensively at Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Academy (AIMA). As an experienced practitioner of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Nutritional Therapy, Tuina Massage, Medical QiGong and TaiChi, Richard’s practice also integrates systems of Japanese Medicine, the Five Elements, Alchemy, and Tung & Tan Style Acupuncture; bringing extensive experience in chronic pain management, infertility and gynecological support, stress, anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders, skin irritation, allergies, and asthma. Richard leads his practice with a minimalistic approach and lifestyle. He believes in focusing on the Acupuncture Meridian Systems and emphasizing the spirit cultivation through QiGong, the Harmony of Seven Emotions, and the Five Elements. With a passion to work with the disadvantaged, Richard volunteers extensively at Evergreen Centre for Street Youth and People with Aids as a strong advocate in leading his community and health proactiveness. In addition, he also hosts TaiChi and QiGong workshops at the YMCA and Simple Cures for every level of practice offering 20+ years of experience.

Services: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Nutritional Therapy, Tuina Massage, Medical QiGong and TaiChi

Xiangling (Ling) Fan:

Professional Background:

Reiki Practitioner:

Rose Callegaris:

Professional Background: Rose is a certified Reiki Practioner in Usui Shiki Ryoho method of natural healing. In this energy healing modality, hand movements are used with intention to gently and effectively move healthy energy through the body to promote healing and reduce stress.

“Practicing Reiki has helped me to pursue a higher education and allowed me to connect with individuals on deeper level. Energetically I can bring balance and healing energy to the whole Chakra system. It is an honor to work with individuals in this powerful and energetic way.”

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